Lazy Day & International House Of Food Coma

July 24, 2014

I spent the most of the day lazing around with my boyfriend. He's been working the night shift at work so he's been spending his days sleeping in. 

We were watching "Thor" but then he knocked out. I guess I can still date him, even though he says Thor is one of his least favorite super heroes -____-

He actually looks like he's just faking it. 
And I look like a creepy ass Asian ghost demon lol

Around 4 ish we decided to stop being lazy and go out.
He went to go play basketball with his brother and I decided to finally fulfill my craving for IHOP with my friend Ariele.
I ordered the chicken florentine crepe and she ordered the classic breakfast crepe. 
We ate so fast that our stomachs were hurting. 

Afterwards we decided to just go back to her house and digest. 
Her cat likes to bother us. 

He was trying to sleep but I like to bother him and make him hate me even more lol

So that was how I spent my Thursday. 
The drive home was especially peaceful because the air was so nice and crisp. Not humid and sticky like how it's been for the past couple of days.
Wish I kind of had a blanket and went out to a field to lay down and look at the stars and just think about life and all that cheesy shit.
But on the realistic side of life, there are seriously only 4 more weeks until Fall Semester starts and I have so much I wanna do before summer ends. 

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