Maple Lens - GEO: Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel HC-X01B

June 12, 2014

Just recently ordered a pair of lenses from and I ordered a pair of the one month disposable GEO Holi Cat Lenses. The lenses I ordered were the ones called "Barbie Cat" and they are a very vibrant cat-like hazel color. The lenses are only to be worn for one month and are to be disposed of after. It's kind of sad that there isn't a one year disposable version of these lenses because I really liked the color of these lenses. The color reminds me of somewhat in between the GEO Nudy Browns and EOS New Adult Browns. And having previously worn both the GEO Nudy Brown and EOS Adult Brown, I would say that these lenses would probably be my go-to brown lenses if only they were more "wearable" for at least a year. However, I don't intend on spending $20 every month just to replace each pair.

I love ordering from Maplelens because shipping is extremely fast and their prices are just a few bucks cheaper compared to other circle lens sellers. I ordered the lenses on May 30(?) I believe and received my lenses on June 3 and they usually ship through FedEx. 
The Holi Cat lenses are selling for $18.90 a pair on their site and you can purchase them --> here <--

The packaging for the lenses is extremely cute and is different for each "Cat" in the series. The Barbie Cat comes in an orange box like so. 
And as you can see the box has the authentic "GEO" brand sticker on it, so that way you know that the lenses are from the actual company and you're not purchasing lenses from an unknown 3rd party or any generic/counterfeit brand of the lens. And also from the back of the box there's an opening for you to see the lenses inside. 
When you take out the lenses, instead of the usual glass vials that lenses would come in, they come in these plastic cases. So if you are one of those who usually struggle with opening the glass vials, here are a pair of lenses where you don't have to deal with all that and you won't have to worry about messing up your nails or anything. 
And this is what the lenses look like in the contact case. On the left is the lens from the back view and the one on the right is what the lens look like from the front. 
The lenses also came with a free piggy contact case and I thought it was pretty cute how the color of the case matched the color of the box. And also when you order from Maplelens, you usually get a free contact case with each pair of lenses you buy. I remember when I first started ordering lenses, which was from sellers on blogspot and other "unofficial" circle lens shops, I would usually have to go buy the contact case myelf. So I really like the fact that they give out free contact cases with each pair. 
And so this is what the lenses look like in natural lighting, sorry it's kind of blurry. But overall I really like the look of it. It's not too "in your face" and not to alien-like. I especially like it because it does remind me of cat eyes and before purchasing these lenses I did research and looked up other reviews of these lenses and I would hear other people say how the lenses were very unnatural looking and not for everyday wear, but to me I feel like these lenses aren't really all that bad.
Sorry I don't have any other lighting comparison for these lenses. But from my experience from wearing them, they show up very beautifully in pictures and don't give you that "deer in headlights" kind of look.

Color: 10/5
I absolutely love the color of these lenses. They are a true hazel color and to me, personally, could be passed for a very natural eye color. The lenses photograph very well and people would actually think these were my real eyes. 

Comfort: 4/5
As usual GEO has never been to big on comfort and although I could go all day wearing these lenses they did occasionally start to feel dry towards that 6 hour mark. Nothing eye drops couldn't fix though. Also on a side note, these were a little more difficult to put on because the lenses were so thin so whenever I would try to put them on sometimes my eye lash would get in the way or the lens would just fold in my eye before I even got them completely in. That was probably just something I've experienced just because my eyes are smaller than most peoples. But overall I could go all day with wearing these lenses without even noticing that they're on and only every now and then I had to put eye drops in.

Enlargement: 5/5
These lenses are very enlarging and doll-like but not to the point of alien-ness. 

Design: 10/5
I love the design of these lenses. They are very cat-like but still natural looking. I would say these lenses would also be perfect for Halloween if you're dressing up as a cat or something. 

Overall: ♡ 5/5
Even though "Comfort" needed some work, it was not an intolerable discomfort. Also GEO is usually known for their lenses to not be as comfortable as to when you're comparing them to EOS lenses, which are known for being one of the most comfortable brands out there. And although they are only 1-month disposable lenses, I am in love with these lenses. If GEO were to ever make a 1-year disposable version of this lens would absolutely buy a pair or two. I love the color and the way they photograph. I love how cat-like they look and just the overall design.

Price: $18.90
Brand: GEO
Series: HoliCat
Size: 14.5 mm in diameter
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Life Span: 1 Month
Purchased from : Maple Lens
Link to the lens --> Here

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