ATL Aquarium & Lambos

June 5, 2014


Two trips to Atlanta in the same week! This time I went to the Atlanta Aquarium and let me just say that I got my money's worth. I made sure to look at every single fish and amphibian there because those ticket prices were not cheap! But with the general admission you do get a ticket to the dolphin show, "Dolphin Tales." Tickets were about $43 dollars including the tax. And like I said, I made sure to get my money's worth. 

We probably spent about 4 hours in the aquarium. It took us about 2 to see just about every exhibit and then another hour to watch the "Dolphin Tales" and then we spent the last hour just to revisit any exhibit we wanted to see again.

The aquarium had beluga whales and they were so cute hehehe. I liked it when they would rub up against the glass. It was kind of intense though because there were only 3 belugas and two of them kept picking on the other one and I don't know if that's natural for belugas to do that or not.  

I wish the jellyfish exhibit was a bit bigger. I've been to the aquarium in Chattanooga and their jellyfish exhibit is absolutely breathtaking. And I do love me some jellies. :3

I need this shirt in my life 

After the aquarium we walked around the city, and at that moment God decided to make our lives a little more interesting and these decided to drive past us. 

 The silver one was my favorite. I touched it and everything. LOL


After stalking the cars to the Omni Hotel, we realized that Gumball 3000 was throwing and event at the Olympic Centennial Park. So we were gonna wait outside the park for the rest of the cars to show up.

And while we waited we went to a video arcade nearby.

But as the time passed, the weather was getting gloomier and gloomier and eventually this happened. 


Thunder and lighting everywhere. The garage we were parked in was covered in water, and almost looked like it was about to flood.
It was just crazy because it was sunny and humid the whole day. 

But the storm eventually passed and a I witnessed my first double rainbow!

And then it calmed down and we were on our way home.
Til next time Atlanta!
I don't doubt that I'll probably be seeing you again soon before the semester starts.

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