MTAC 2014

April 19, 2014

My friends and I have been waiting to go to MTAC basically every since the holidays. We didn't go last year due to me living in California. But from what I've heard MTAC has been banned from the convention center, but that's a whole entire different story in itself, in which I don't feel like getting into. 

So I only went for one day and it was on Saturday. We made sure to get there early because the walk-in line was insanely long the Friday before to the point that they had to shut down the line basically an hour into the event. SO to prevent us from getting cut and to get there before the line shut down again, we got up super duper early and we barely made it to the cut off point. 

"Fuck this long ass line"

Deanna and I ended up wearing the same shirt. 

Over all I don't want to say I was disappointed in MTAC this year, I got what I came for (an Alpacasso plushie) and I basically had too high of expectations of how this year was going to be.  I was pretty bummed out though when we waited in line for almost an hour and a half to meet Vic Mignogna only to be told he wasn't going to meet anyone anymore. 

But while walking around of course I spotted a few cosplays I liked. This year's theme was "In love" and I saw a few couple cosplays I liked, but if anything, it was basically an  "Attack On Titan" convention, which ironically I didn't take any pictures of any AOT cosplayers, probably because I haven't watched the series yet. 

I didn't attend any panels because I honestly just go to MTAC for the Dealer Room. I still plan on attending MTAC in the future, I'd probably just pre-register if anything. 

And shoutout to my favorite Adventure Time cosplayers! They were very in character and also extremely nice! Probably also the best Adventure Time cosplayers I saw that day. (No offense to other Adventure Time cosplayers that were there. )

Overall, even though I wasn't completely satisfied with MTAC this year, it wasn't entirely terrible. But I would still have to say that probably MTAC 2012 was probably my all time favorite convention. 

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