Spring Semster, Shopping and Uncreative Titles

January 19, 2014

The new semester started last Thursday and let me just say that it started off very shitty for me. First off, I was late to my first class and I ended up not even going because I ended up going to the wrong building and didn't find the class until about an hour and a half into class time lol. SO I ended up just leaving a teacher a note on her white board on her office door.

I know it seems very unprofessional but my mind was just everywhere else but school that day and I did not care about anything. And it didn't help that the lab I have right after the class was cancelled. So I basically ended up doing nothing but walking around campus and walking my friends to their classes on the first day of the semester lol. 
The on Friday I only went to one of my classes and didn't go to my other one because I dropped out of it to take that same class but at an earlier time. SO out of the four classes I signed up for I only went to one. I guess my mood just hasn't been the best lately and it really took a toll out of me and the timing couldn't even be more perfect because it just had to be the first two days of the semester. I'm just glad that things are starting to lighten up and my mood has gotten a lot better. I'm also glad that there's not classes on Monday LOL

And things really started to pick up when I finally copped that Power Rangers sweatshirt I've been wanting for the longest. I hid it somewhere at work and I was going to buy it but then other expenses got in the way so I couldn't. Also someone eventually found the sweatshirt and I thought it was forever long gone. But today while I was walking pass the section it would be in something in my mind told me to look to my right and there it was just hanging out a rack right in my face. I seriously ran over to get it and put it on hold and bought it on my break. I was NOT going to let it get away for a third time lol. I also bought a really cute skater skirt that I also hid at work yesterday haha. Thank goodness it was still in the same spot because I tried to hide it during work yesterday but every time I was about to a customer would grab it but then I would find it again placed somewhere else. But yeah, I didn't want to take any chances and bought both the items today lol.


 What I'm also really super duper happy I came across today when walking into Hot Topic was this Bee and Puppycat shirt! I swear it's been ages since I've walked to the other parts of the mall and the one day that I did, I am really satisfied with what I saw in other stores. Like no offense to where I work at, but I'm in that store majority of the time that I'm at the mall and it was really nice to actually shop while at the mall for once lol.
Pretty sure I"m going to do a mini-splurge on myself with my next paycheck lol

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