December 18, 2013

Shoutout to everyone that wished me a happy birthday these past few days! And yes, I am 20 years old now and yes I am still in the process of accepting it, but I am just glad to get 19 over and done with because 19 was a very tragic age for me. 

Congrats to Victor for being my favorite  birthday wish of the year! LOL Out of all the people to call me cool, he was the most surprising one haha. Never in a million years would I have thought he would call me cool, lol I sound like I'm fangirling.But YES! Twas a success. But much love to everyone else as well who wished me a happy birthday! And a special shoutout to juan for being the first one, dead on at midnight for wishing me a happy birthday haha

And sorry I had to do this to ya Eddie Spaghetti, but this birthday snapchat was just wayyy to adorable for me not to screenshot and share with the world haha. 
But moving along....
I honestly did not do much for my birthday on my actual birthday day. I just went to work and that is about it haha. 

But much love to Ariele and Leslie for surprising me at work and both, coincidentally, bringing me macarons, which I have been obsessing about for the past couple weeks lol. and I'm pretty sure my coworker thinks Ariele and I are now lesbian lovers because she witnessed us taking these selfies together and we looked like a straight up couple hahaha. No cares given though, cause we are used to people thinking that about us. 

The minion in the front is my favorite one and I ate him last. It was pretty heartbreaking but he was tasty haha

And a HUGE shoutout to Deanna for the random birthday gifts lol. I LOVE THOR and she got me this hideous VooDoo Thor keychain ahaha and a Thor chapstick that honestly just feels like I'm using a gluestick on my lips. And this cute little button/pin came in the same package as the chapstick and I now claim it as my lucky pin because I wore it to work on my birthday and it was fairly an easy and, for once, a good day at work! haha
Overall, for once I can feel a difference in age. You know what I mean? People always say, "I still feel the same," when it's their birthday, but I guess I can say I feel different just because it's been a really rough year for me and now I'm 20. LIKE HOLY SMOKES GUISE, I've been blessed to live for 2 decades let's pray I stay alive for another 4 or 5 more lol

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