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December 11, 2013

So today was the grand opening day for the new Jamba Juice downtown! And even though I didn't get to go with who I originally planned to go with, due to tight scheduling, I still ended up going with my cousin Leslie heh heh heh. 

The place was a lot smaller than I imagined it and the drinks weren't as up to par as the west coast, but it's understandable since it is there first day and all. I'm just happy to finally reunite with my boo, Banana Berry. 

OH and I forgot to mention that they are doing soooo wrong for charging for each boost. It's supposed to be the first boost free of charge and then you pay for any additional boosts. Oh whale. Everything can't be the same. 

After Jamba Juice, Leslie and I went to this bakery downtown called "Provence." But the journey there was too funny. We somehow ended up in the ghetto part of town and it was just a mess. ( The situation, not the ghetto.) But we eventually found the macaroon place and it was totally worth it. WAY better than the ones I tried at Whole Foods. 

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