Slacking off and Honey Oats

September 29, 2013

This week hasn't been a very productive week for me, at least not school-wise. I haven't been as focused on my classes as I should be. I guess going to the beach was a win-lose situation and kind of threw me off track and focus. I've been slacking off on my assignments and my studying that I promised myself that this weekend is going to be the last of it (at least for a while). So to end the "Slacking off Week" right, of course I had to go party the stress and all the excess feelings of just wanting to chill, out of my system. 

While at the mall I got to take a picture with the Frog guy from Rain forest Cafe

I'm so depressed at the fact that the only way I'll get to be next to Norman Reedus is a cardboard cutout of him at Hot Topic. 

I'm pretty sure we spent a legit 2-3 hours at the mall. I've been wanting to go shopping for the longest and the urge to shop still lingers. I just want a couple more things for fall/winter and I think I will be set for a while.
Also, it's been a while since Eshie and I got to hang out! Shopping with her felt just like the good ol' days lol. 

But moving on to later that night, my friends were having this get-together and so the homeboy Lil J scooped me up around 9:30 and that's when things just got blurry.

The night consisted of intense beer pong-ing and Honey Bunches of Oats. 

Hashtag Team Curly Hair

 Someone always ends up eating the Honey Bunches of Oats, and last night, I was that person.

I don't even remember taking this picture haha.

The Chad-ster had to leave early :(

And last but not least, this is Bill :) 

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