Head Over Heels for Dr. Martens

September 21, 2013

Yesterday I went to the mall in search for some boots for winter. And out of curiosity, even though I already knew ahead of time that I could not afford them, I tried on some Dr.Martens boots. And let me just say that I have seriously never put my foot into something so damn cute and comfortable. 
I've heard of a lot of people say that you really have to break them in when you first buy them and I could tell why. When I first walked around the store I could already feel this tightening around the from of my foot right before the toe area and this is the one place where I hear most people complaining about blistering and whatnot. Even the guy at the store had on Doc Martens and said he makes sure to wear the thickest socks when wearing his Docs because he's still breaking them in lol.

All I know for sure is that Doc Martens are definitely going on my birthday/Christmas list this year.

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