Biloxi Beach

September 25, 2013

Today I went to the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi and even though it wasn't as big as the beaches in California, it was still quite a nice beach. The sand was really compact and clean, and due to the humidity, it wasn't as chilly as it normally is in the fall. 

Let me tell you about the drive on the way there though. Basically to sum it up, the drive consisted of a lot of espresso (cause we were driving at night) and a lot of off-key singing. 

We literally stopped at a Shell gas station just to take a nap. And girl, let me tell you, that nap was like Heaven. But we had to continue on with the drive if we wanted to get there in time. 

Beach Bum 

Even though I only got to stay at the beach for maybe half an hour or so, it just brought me back to a "good vibes" kind of feel. I've been stressing over school and just everyday hassles lately that it felt really great to be at the beach again. 

On the way back home we got Whataburger.
I'm still tripping about how they charge .38 cents for condiments. 
The burger was alright. I still prefer In N Out though 

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