Loreal Paris Advanced Haircare : Total Repair 5

September 19, 2013

After class today my friend and I decided to stop by Walmart to pick up a few hair care essentials. And lately my friend has been using this Damage-Erasing Balm from the Loreal Paris Advanced Haircare product to recondition her hair since she's been doing a lot of bleaching to it. 

Now, I've already tried a couple of shampoos and conditioners from this line and I fell deeply in love with them. I'm not entirely sure which ones I used specifically, but if I do recall it was the teal and pink ones. 

Dun-dun-dun-dunnnnn! Thanks to some help from Google I found a picture of the Shampoos I used and figured out that the two previous shampoos and conditioners I've used from the Loreal Advanced Haircare line were the "Power Moisture" and the "Color Vibrancy" ones. 

Just to sum it up, the shampoos and conditioners actually do what they say they do. The Power Moisture added soooo much moisture to my hair that I could not stop running my fingers through my hair throughout the day. It seriously hasn't felt so soft in years.

As for the Color Vibrancy, it softened my hair as well but since I've recently dyed my hair back to dark brown/black, I can't really say for sure if it's made the "darkness" in my hair more vibrant. But I just love pink too much and love the packing of this line very much lol.

Okay, so moving along to the ones I bought today. And to start off I was so surprised at how cheap they shampoos and conditioners were! At Walmart they were only priced for $3.97, which I did not expect. I was expecting them to at least be 5 dollars or higher because I know they work so well. But being as cheap as they were, it gave me more of a reason to buy them.

I had originally planned to just purchase the Damage-Erasing Balm because my friend, who's bleached her hair twice, has been using it recently and her hair is still healthier than mine and I have been trying to do the least bit of damage to it whatsoever.

I suppose I should give you a little background history of my hair first so it could give you guys a better idea of as to why it is that I am probably in desperate need of repair to my hair.

But basically since my sophomore year of high school (about 3 years ago) I bleached/dyed my hair constantly within each passing year since then. 2013 has been the first time since that I have rarely ever decided to go a shade lighter in hair color and to just go back to a more natural color. And throughout those 3 years my hair has taken quite a toll. Even in class today I had a wake up call when I was feeling through my hair and realized it was more dry and brittle than usual. Ariele even said it felt, "like a paintbrush." 

I should donate the ends of my hair to starving artists who can't afford paint brushes. 

And putting all my hope into buying these products I hope to finally get my hair back to it's ol' healthy self even though I'm sure some time in the future I am probably going to be putting in some pink in my hair. But until then I want to regain all the moisture and health back into my hair as possible. 

The bottles all have "Ceramide" labeled on them and I did some amateur researching and found that it is a component, that could be found in the skin, that creates a protective organ to prevent water-loss from evaporation. Now that's probably not credible because I found that on Wikipedia lol but I supposed that should give someone a idea that possibly it's in the Repairing part of these products because it wants to lock moisture in. 

The products claim to repair up to 1 years worth of damage just with one use. Now let's all hope, especially those who bleach/dye and use heat on their hair, that this is true. Because I have up to 3+ years worth of damage from bleaching/dying and probably even more years worth of damage from putting heat into my hair. 

I will probably post a review of the products after a week of using this so look out for that ;)

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