Tax-Free Weekend Haul

August 4, 2013

My lovely cousin, Leslie, and I had a splendid and very successful shopping spree yesterday. It would've been absolutely even more fantastic if I came home with new shoes, but I'm still very satisfied with my purchases. 

I don't know if this whole "tax-free weekend" trend happens in other states but around this time of the year, when kids are going back to school, there's no tax on certain items, mainly on items that are for school like supplies and clothes. The big plus is that electronics are also free of tax, but I don't have enough to splurge on a new laptop or anything, even though I know I will need a new "up-to-date" laptop for the semester. But I'll have to do with what I have for now. 

Anyway, I was mainly shopping ahead for the fall/winter seasons because I feel I've spent enough on muscle tee's and sandals. 

What my cousin and I ended up buying. What she bought is on the left and what I bought is on the right. 

The striped sweater I bought, I felt and still kind of feeling iffy about, is a nice thick sweater, perfect for fall/winter. But the shoulders are kind of awkward and the back of  the shirt is longer than the front, even though I know for a fact high-low sweaters don't exist. 

I absolutely lovelovelove the jeans I got from Forever21. Compared to the rest of their denim line, these jeans actually looked and felt like jeans. I'm not really a big fan of "jeggings" because of the skin-tightness of them and how they basically show all the curves and mold around your legs, it just does not look flattering on me. But these jeans hug my legs just right but showed me that I need to start working out again because I have no bootyshape whatsoever anymore. 

My cousin and I bought the same "parka" jacket and I am absolutely in love with it. I know I didn't really have a great picture showing it off but I am in love with it because you have the option of having a hood or not. There was this other parka we saw at H&M that we liked, but I changed my mind about getting it because it was hoodless. So when I saw this jacket, for $20 bucks less might I add, I had to get it. 

We also ran into the oh-so-cute Sara aka Luky and the adorable baby Evelynn ^__^ 
And I am super glad we did because today was her last day back in town! 

After our little shopping adventure, Leslie and I went to Cheddars and was served by the wonderful Derek. And good thing we went last night because it was also his last night working there! He is probably the best waiter I've ever had and he deserved our $20 tip. 

And finally to end our day we went to Kroger to get some makeup and this is what I ended up getting.

I FINALLY found the Maybelline Gel Liner in Black! All the other stores I've been to had all the other colors but black and I was lucky enough to get the last one last night. I also bought the eyebrow pencil by Maybelline. To be honest I prefer using powder for my eyebrows but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try something new. 

I am super duper excited to try the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains! I've been searching for the perfect lip stain and I think this may be it. ^___^

And just for contouring purposes I picked up some bronzer which is also from Maybelline under the FitMe line by them.

I'll probably do a separate post reviewing all these items.

I say that yesterday was a very very rewarding shopping day :) 

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