DMVs are E V I L

August 1, 2013

Today was the first of August and that meant Inventory Day at work and Inventory Day meant majority of the employees had permission to come in late today. SO I took advantage of that because today was also my little brother's first day of school! He was not the least bit excited about it at all. The whole time my mom and I were walking him to school he was pouting and had his arms crossed. It was kind of heartbreaking to think that he wouldn't like school and didn't make any new friends. But the first day is always the hardest and I know he'll make new friends throughout the year. It's kind of funny though because his teacher is the same teacher my older brother had for first grade haha 

 At least he smiled when I asked him to take a picture with me! He was so nervous about his first day of school >___<

After dropping my little brother off I asked my mom to take me to the DMV since we "had time" since I didn't have to be at work until 11. We made it to the DMV at 9 and I ended up waiting there until 1. I totally hated my life but hated it a little bit less if it weren't for running into one of my coworkers at the DMV. I swear he saved me from total boredom. It was kind of awkward seeing him outside of work though because at work I don't do my makeup for dress up like I was today when I ran into him. But we managed to survive 3 hours of waiting. I just hated it because I just had to renew my permit and it only took, literally, 5 minutes to do. 

Little brother knocked out in the car after a half day of school and when he and my mother picked me up at the DMV. So cute =^___^= He said he had a good day in the end though and had a couple friends in his class so that was really reassuring :) 

My coworker somehow beat me to work even though I left before him. It was probably because he went straight to work after he got called in and I had to go home and change and whatnot. There was really no point in us going to work because we got there at like 2 and work ends at 4. But it's whatever it's better than missing a whole day and not getting those 8 hours in. Because when I had to miss work to go to orientation my paycheck amount was cut so low because of it that I chose to work soooo much overtime just to make it up. 

I keep thinking today is Friday and that I don't have work tomorrow, but I do and so I should be going to bed now because it's nearly 10:30 and I have to be up in about 6 hours.

Work Smart Not Hard. 

Bonne Nuit

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