Cheekwood Lights & Club Virgins

August 3, 2013

Yesterday the girls and I went to see the Lights by Bruce Munro in Cheekwood. 

We got there during the late afternoon and so the lights weren't really all that visible yet, so we all just explored the exhibit while we waited. But since we pretty much passed the time exploring everything we saw majority of the museum before it even got dark. 

The lights were really pretty overall though. I just wish I had better photography skills to capture the lights better. 

We were basically just walking around and Ariele and Eshie were talking in fake British accents all day haha. 

 So many people were making terrible jokes about "Enlightenment" and "Balls of Energy" -____-

I know the main point of visiting the exhibit was for the lights but I think my favorite part was that there was a Jeni's Ice Cream stand there. Even though I was hoping Charming was going to be there, even though I knew chances of that happening were very slim, I love love love Jeni's Ice Cream ^__^

My favorite flavor (that I've tried so far) has to be the Brambleberry Crisp :)

We left the Lights around, I wanna say 9:30 ish, and none of us felt like going home so we decided to roam around downtown for a bit. 

We ran into a familiar face when we got there and his friends were kind of a little too friendly. But after getting away from them we played a bit in the fountains in front of City Hall. Then we went to this hookah bar for about a half hour but none of us were really feeling it so we left and met up with a co-worker. And then this is where the night took a big turn and we somehow ended up going to a club. Out of the four of us, I'm pretty sure it was about 3 of our first times going to a club. It was really boring at first because no one was really there yet but around midnight or so it got somewhat more energized? 

Deanna and I :) 
It got way to hot so we decided to step outside and get some air. 

I still cant' shake off how creepy some of the guys there were. They would just tug on your clothes or grab your hands and try to get you to dance with them, like no thanks. 

It was fun at the time when it was happening, but I don't think clubbing is really my scene. I already knew that, but I thought I'd give it a try and I think I'd only go clubbing if I'm with people I trust and a bigger group haha. 

Also another thing I hate about the club is the huge X's they put on your hands when you're underage, because those markings take centuries and a lot more  than elbow grease to wash off. -____-''

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