30 : Happy birthday Ariele!

May 2, 2013

Let me just start off by wishing one of my best friends, Ariele, a happy, happy, happy birthday! I am so frickin sad that I'm not there with her physically to celebrate (if ya know what I mean ;]) LOL But no matter the distance I still dressed up and celebrated with her through Skype lol. Just 30 more days until I get to see her and everyone else again! I'm so excited !
I hope you had a great birthday even though it's finals week for you! lol and sorry for making you stay up with me to Skype, I FORGOT ABOUT THE TIME DIFFERENCE T^T

K. I love YOUUUU~ <33333

Moving along ~

And the train ride to school was interesting because apparently there was a wanted criminal on the loose and the police knew he would be riding on one of the trains headed towards the downtown area. And but of course that guy ended up being on the same train as me. They caught him when the train stopped at 16th street. I was wondering why there were so many cops at every other big transfer stops. But at least they caught him. Most people would be scared to realize that they were within ten feet of  a wanted criminal but, I don't know, I felt like kind of honored? LOL but I guess that's just my weird side coming out.

Class was terrible. I just couldn't deal with hearing my teacher go on and on about waste and reducing trash production and yada-yada. I mean I've learned a lot about how corrupt corporations and about the rise of trash and all that jazz but it's just not my cup of tea I guess. And I don't know what it was, maybe it was because I kept staring at the clock every five minutes, but I swear time was going by ten times slower than usual. But only about three more weeks of the semester left and then it's finally summer vacation! And a much needed one too!

And at the end of class it was kind of strange because this guy that I sit next to in class, whom I never really talked to told me to have a nice day today. I mean I guess I'm just thinking all too much about it. He was just trying to be polite I guess haha But it got even weirder when I was walking off campus and this guy was walking towards me. It wasn't strange that he was walking towards me, what was strange was that he was carrying an umbrella and it was about 90 degrees outside. But as I finally walked passed him, we made eye-contact and he stopped me for a second. And the first thing in my mind that I thought was, "Oh, he's just going to ask me for the time," so I had my phone out and ready to tell him the time, but he goes and says, "Sorry to bother you, but you are extremely cute and I just wouldn't forgive myself if I let someone as pretty as you just walk on by me," and I admit, I was impressed with his way of words haha. And he ended the brief conversation by saying that the next time we run into each other we have to get ice cream together. LOL

Thanks Mark for the Avacado Boba even though you mean-mugged me for changing my order like twice lol. 

After being hit on by Mr.Umbrella guy, Chris picked me up from campus and we went to Boba Tea House to study for stats. We were supposed to study with Mark as well but he had to work until 10. BTW, he works at Boba Tea House lol. And yeah I couldn't really study all that well and when I tried to focus on a problem, I just went blank and forgot how to do every thing. This just goes to show that I study better alone lol And now I feel kind of bad because I felt like I didn't really help Chris out at all haha. 

And then when he was driving me home, his car died and it was just all bad. But it only died for about a couple seconds. I hope he made it home okay. I should probably text him later.

And so now I am going to cram for a bit and try to refresh my memory and shake off this pre-test anxiety.

Wish me luck on my test tomorrow ~ ^3^

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