You need a second generation black belt to play football

April 25, 2013

Okay, I know what you guys are probably wondering. What up with the title to this post, right? First off let me just say I know pretty much absolutely nothing about football or football terminology. I also don't know for sure if you really do or do not need a second "generation" black belt to play football, but I am just quoting this guy on the train today. 

Let me start from the very beginning of my day. First off, I was running late, as usual. I'm rushing to get ready, all that good stuff. I managed to get to the train station on time, I got on the train and then this guy sits in front of me, and that is when I knew my day was going to be a good one. This guy, he didn't look homeless or anything, he wore decent looking clothes and looked sane. But once he started talking I knew I was wrong. He even said it himself, he listed out the months up to this month, "January.. February, March, April. . okay. .I'll probably go crazy in May," the guy admits. The whole time I was trying to let my eyes rest, so I never
really looked at the guy aside from when he first sat down in front of me, so I just assumed he was talking on the phone, but nope the guy was just talking out loud to himself and whoever else bothered to listen. And the whole train ride all the way to 16th street, this guy said the most outrageous things. He kept talking about vinegar water and how it tasted like crap and then he went on about how the girl next to him, "Has some really nice, moist looking ears," and how he, "just wants to suck on them." I should've felt uncomfortable sitting by this guy, but I felt like the things he was saying were more hilarious rather than crude lol. That guy was really something else haha. 

Chris' cup of hot chocolate. 'Yes'
 @ Espresso Metro

Moving onto when I got to campus. I felt pretty good because I was actually understanding the lesson in class today. Also class went by a hell of a lot faster than usual. After class I finally got to try the pizza bread I've been DYING to try at The Sandwich Spot. Mmmm, it was pretty good. I felt like if they had a Hawaiian Pizza Bread, it would be the stuff. OH and before hitting up The Sandwich Spot, my friend Chris and I stopped by next door at Espresso Metro. and they had this awesome painting of Allan from The Hangover hanging on their wall. And I thought it was kind of funny how on Chris' cup of hot chocolate they wrote the word "yes" on his cup. I mean I pretty sure it has something to do with what he ordered, but idk it just looked funny to me haha. 

Painting of Allan from The Hangover and pizza bread from The Sandwich Spot :)
the cashier accidentally only charged me 49 cents for the pizza bread. haha discount score! 

The workers at Espresso Metro were so cooky, I can't think of better adjective. Like they were really silly and hella nice lol. I think I'm going to start going there more often and not only because the employees seem cool but I like their interior haha. 

Then when I was on my way home I ran into this guy who asked me if he could use my phone, and I totally wasn't thinking at the time and thought letting the guy use my phone to make a call wouldn't hurt anyone. But then I overheard the things he was saying to the person on the other line and I think he was doing a drug deal. GREAT, so if he gets caught and the cops track my number I'm gonna be in some deep doo-doo haha. 

It has been a really great day nonetheless! I haven't had such a great day in such a long time :) 
Later tonight my aunt and I made plans to get sushi and some Vietnamese dessert at this place called Bambu and I really hope we go because then I could end my great day with some great dessert :) 

Adieu everyone! I hope you guys are having as much of a great day as I am :D 

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