April 25, 2013

Hi everyone! So today I had 2:45 English class and we had to do presentations. I swear, I get so nervous when talking in front of a crowd. But I'm proud of myself for not turning red like a tomato, like I usually do, and manged to get through the presentation with ease. I admit my hands were getting kind of shaky but I was already done with my presentation before it got to bad. After class I went straight home and boy was it a HOT walk from the train station to my house. And right when I took one step into the house my uncle texted me invited me out for pho at our usual pho place. And of course, I took his offer after having barely eating anything all day.

Mmm, pho with rare steak and an avocado shake with tapioca pearls from Pho Bac Hoa Viet :)

After I was done eating I could feel my stomach wanting to explode! But it was definitely worth it, Hoa Viet never disappoints and that is why it is my uncle and my favorite place to get pho :) 

After a satisfying trip to Hoa Viet I haven't done much but laze around in my room and Skype with my cousin Leslie. :) 


I was staring at my leg, don't ask me why, and I'm developing a faint tan line starting at the ankle. You know? That one tan line where from your ankle and down it's just pale and the rest of you leg is tan? Yeah, I need to stop wearing sneakers or shorts while out in the sun lol. Or at least wear sunblock/sunscreen when outside. Also, what is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen? Don't they both do the same thing? Okay yeah I'm gonna go shower now.

Bonne nuit loves 

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