Day Two Of Hotness

April 30, 2013

Today was actually not as blazing hot as yesterday because there was a heavenly breeze going on. Yesterday there was no wind and no shade at all and well, you get the point. At first I was regretting wearing shorts to campus because the breeze made the weather colder than it actually was, but then as noon came around the temperature rose back up! Blahhh

But yeah this afternoon after class was really interesting. I had McDonalds for the first time in like 3 months. Oh my goodness it was terrible lol. The whole time I was thinking about how much I'd have to work this off and couldn't stop focusing on how unhealthy I felt. And while at McDonalds this group of kids from the high school up the street came in and they looked like trouble (not to be judgmental or anything) but according to Mark (whom I was with at the time , and Kimmy and Chris) said that that group of kids were banned from that particular McDonalds. And soon enough one of the employees confronted the group saying how they're refusing to serve them because they were banned. I really want to know what they could have possibly done to be banned from a McDonalds, but I guess it's a blessing in disguise because now they can't eat any McDonalds and be somewhat healthier lol.

And while walking to McDonalds I saw a bunch of artwork that for some reason I haven't noticed before. Outside that same coffee shop Chris and I went to before there was this sidewalk drawing of Felix, The Cat ! And then further down the road and on the side of this bike shop was this awesome mural of a wave!

Find Felix, The Cat on Freeport near Espresso Metro! 

I look kind of gross and like such a tourist with my I <3 NY shirt & Peace sign haha
Thanks Chris for standing in the middle of the street and taking the picture for me :)
After McDonalds I walked Chris back to campus as usual and headed towards the train station. I thought that maybe if I waited for a little bit and let the traffic calm down a bit that there would be less people on the train but nope, the train was actual more crowded than when I usual go home. And I don't know why but I guess all the high schoolers decided to skip school today because there was a very large amount of high schoolers on the train. 
OH and I crossed paths with Rick James again! And for those who don't know, Rick James is this older man on campus that likes to sing and perform old R&B songs in the middle of the quad in the cafeteria. I love running into this man, especially when he's on the train (which is where I ran into him today) because he just gets up and stands in the middle of the train and beats on the walls while singing his songs haha. I wish I could've recorded him to show you guys but the train was too crowded for me to get a good angle of him. 

And I don't know why I am so obsessed with the postage car. You know? The car that the mailman drives around? I probably saw a total of five of them today. I love it lol. I kind of always wanted to be a mail-woman (?) because it seems like a "happy job." I know that sounds weird, I tried to explain it to Chris and he gave me the most WTF face evar lol. But I mean I'm pretty sure being a mailman can suck every now and then but idk just the look of being a mailman gives off the vibe "happy" to me. Okay, I'll stop freaking you guys out now haha. 

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