Bread Kittens

April 26, 2013

I was taking a break from studying and decided to try and find a new game app to download because I was getting bored with endless levels of Sudoku. And while searching for a game I noticed the category "Bizarre Games" and decided to check it out and I came across the cutest games ever =^_^=

Bread Kittens is my new addiction *meow* 
it goes because my name is Kat hahaha

So basically the game kind of reminds me of Pokemon. Your character/avatar is a chef and your goal is to collect all the different kinds of kitties out there in the world while also learning new recipes as you move along throughout the game. Your avatar travels along this map and each circle is where you come across a rouge cat to battle. 

And when in battle, the screen looks like this and there is a gauge at the bottom that determines how strong your attack is going to be. And then there's the bread icon in the top right hand corner (the one with the green check mark on it) and that bread is what you use to capture the kitty you're battling. See, kind of just like Pokemon. 

And then when you win, it shows you a screen with all the kitties you've collected so far and how much they've leveled up after each battle. 

When you've gathered enough ingredients and unlock a new recipe, you would go to the bakery and select what kind of bread you'd want to bake. Various breads have special abilities, from helping prevent less damage to your kitty to making their attacks stronger. I've just started playing so I don't know what else there is you can unlock, but so far it seems like a pretty cute game! It's really repetitive though, but knowing how I am, I won't stop playing the game until I get ridiculously bored with it or until I unlock every single recipe and capture all the different kitties out there! I'm feeling like Ash right now  lmao I gotta catch 'em all ! 

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